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AT2900-PRO: 179.00
AT2900 Portable Crane Bridge Tester

The AT2900 is a real problem solver. Now you and all of your route techs can easily troubleshoot problems in a crane. The AT2900 series connects directly to the bridge harness of Coastal, Coast to Coast, Ice, Smart and Elaut Cranes.

The AT2900 will verify the continuity and operation of all switches and trolley wiring. There is an 8 position connector provided as a metering point for all of the motors - a convenient place to test motor and motor wire continuity. Now your techs will be able to determine immediately if the wires, switches and motors are good or bad. No more wasted time sending out the wrong parts for repair.

The AT2900-PRO takes it one step further. This is a great shop troubleshooting tool or for the advanced tech on location. The AT2900-PRO will connect to an external power supply (provided separately) or to an existing Coastal or Coast to Coast game power supply. That allows the tech to fully exercise all of the motors as well as the claw.

Push buttons on the end control each motor individually. It will even allow you to unwind and wind the claw string which can always prove troublesome.

The AT2900 and AT2900-PRO are ready to connect to both Coastal Amusements and Coast to Coast cranes right out of the box. Optional interface boards will allow you to connect Ice, Smart and Elaut bridges to the AT2900.

AT2900: 89.00
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